Personal data privacy policies


GRUPO ROKYS SOCIEDAD ANONIMA CLOSED (BEFORE GRUPO KIYAN SAC) hereinafter GRUPO ROKYS, with address at Jr. Domingo Cueto N ° 444, Lince district, province and department of Lima, has as main purpose to inform our clients that we respect their right to Privacy when you use our website and communicate electronically with us. Therefore, as part of our commitment to meet your expectations we have established a privacy protection policy for the users of our website. According to the provisions contained in the Law on Protection of Personal Data – (Law No. 29733) and its complementary and related regulations..

The Law on Protection of Personal Data, its Regulations and the regulations that modify or replace them (hereinafter, the Personal Data Protection Regulations) establishes that in order to carry out the processing of a person’s data or information, prior consent is necessary, informed, express and unambiguous. For this reason, according to the aforementioned law, in the use of electronic media, GRUPO ROKYS will consider that you have adequately given your consent when you have to “click”, “click” or “click”, “give a touch”, “Touch” or “pad” or similar when asked for your acceptance of these terms applicable to the processing of your personal data. The authorization for the processing of your personal data is mandatory for the execution of the activities described in the ROKYS GROUP web pages and those indicated in this Policy, and in case of refusal, they cannot be carried out.

GRUPO ROKYS has adopted all security measures for the protection of personal data legally required, guaranteeing the confidentiality of personal data provided by Users and their treatment in accordance with current legislation to avoid any improper manipulation, loss, destruction or unauthorized access by third parties to this information using the appropriate means to counteract them.


We only collect the personal data that you wish to provide us or that are necessary to provide and improve our products and services, and for the purposes described in point 3 of this Policy and that you freely accept. We collect direct personal information such as name, D.N.I., address, telephone, email, date of birth, sex, marital status, age and academic data; that expressly indicated on our websites and social networks through electronic forms or other formats; the one that you provide to us indirectly, such as IP addresses, connections and information systems; all in strict compliance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data. Such information may be stored in a database owned by GRUPO ROKYS.


GRUPO ROKYS may obtain information on the Holder of the Personal Data, by any means allowed by the Law, including but not limited to obtaining it personally or through electronic platforms and / or web pages. The Holder of the Personal Data, by entering their data on the Website or delivering it in person, expressly authorizes ROKYS GROUP and / or its authorized administrative staff to process the information provided in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data – Law No. 29733, its Regulations, related and complementary regulations. GRUPO ROKYS will process and protect the data of the Holder of the Personal Data through digital, technical and / or administrative means to guarantee an optimum level of security..


You may request your customers, suppliers, workers, applicants, and users of this website (hereinafter, the Personal Data Holders) personal data for the following purpose:

  • Respond to inquiries or complaints and follow up on these.
  • For the promotion of ROKYS GROUP services
  • Invite you to participate in our competitions, among other activities or events
  • To invite them to complete our surveys and / or comments for the service provided.
  • For the management and administration of information of customers, suppliers, workers and / or applicants.
  • For security reasons.

It is expressly established GRUPO ROKYS recognizes the right of the Personal Data Holders to express their refusal regarding the use and processing of their personal data, when they consider that the information provided does not fulfill any of the functions described above, or if the data provided does not They are necessary for the establishment of a contractual relationship. This without prejudice to the right of revocation of consent previously granted by the Holder of the Personal Data or to exercise his right of opposition to the use of his data in terms of the applicable provisions, rights that in any case will be guaranteed by the company in all time.

The Personal Data provided will be incorporated, as appropriate to the databases called (i) customers, (ii) suppliers, (iii) applicants, (iv) workers, and (v) former workers, with registration with the National Registry of Protection of Personal Data No. 15648 and No. 15542 respectively; as well as, for the same purposes, they may be incorporated into other databases of ROKYS GROUP Services and / or other subsidiaries, subsidiaries, associates, affiliates or members of the economic group to which it belongs and / or third parties with which they maintain a contractual relationship, which are described in numeral 5 of this policy.


The Holder of the Personal Data is responsible for the accuracy, veracity and authenticity of the data provided. The Holders of the Personal Data will have the right to access their personal data that have been collected, make corrections to them if they are inaccurate or incomplete, request their deletion when they consider that they are not necessary for any of the purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy when it is legally appropriate, and; to oppose the use or processing of your data, in terms of the Law and the applicable provisions.

The Holder of the Personal Data may exercise their rights of access, information, rectification, cancellation, opposition and revocation to the use of their personal data by addressing your request with the requirements requested in the Law and other applicable regulations or the following electronic address: bellavista @ and / or


The Personal Data here voluntarily discharged by the user will be stored in a Database located at Jr. Domingo Cueto No. 444, 3rd Floor, Lince District, Province and Department of Lima, administered by the ROKYS GROUP.

GRUPO ROKYS will never share your personal data with third parties for a purpose other than what you have consented to. However, you can also share, on request, your personal data in the following cases:

National data transfer:

Personal data will be transferred nationally to companies that belong to the ROKY BUSINESS GROUP, which are Nor Chicken SAC Investments, Chicken House SAC Investments, Tomás Valle SAC Investments, San Martín SAC Plaza Investments, Nazca SAC Commercial Investments, Kiyashi Investments SA, Inversiones Viena del Perú SAC, Inversiones Gran Chimú SAC and Inversiones Independencia SAC, the same that help us maintain and manage this or other sites (including, among others, the websites and accounts that ROKYS GROUP maintains on social networks), and to carry out activities necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes described above for which you have consented to the processing of your personal data.

Likewise, we may also provide your personal data to Public Administration agencies and competent authorities if we are required to do so under obligations established by law. In some cases, we must also provide your personal information to the aforementioned entities in order to develop a legal, judicial and / or administrative process, in accordance with the law.

International data transfer (cross-border flow):

Additionally, the ROKYS GROUP contracts the services in the cloud (cloud computing) through Intelis Perú Sociedad Anónima Cerrada, which has the server where they can store personal data located in the United States of America.


This section applies only if you have been selected as a collaborator of the ROKYS GROUP or its related companies. This clause does not apply to customers or other users. If you have been selected as a collaborator of the ROKYS GROUP or its related companies, you authorize your information to be stored by said companies, as appropriate. Likewise, you authorize the processing of all personal data that you provide or are generated as a result of your service provision relationship in favor of ROKYS GROUP or its related companies. Your personal data will be stored indefinitely or until you revoke that authorization. You authorize your data to be processed, shared and transferred ROKYS GROUPand its related companies for the following purposes: i) human resources management; ii) administration of labor and social benefits for employees and their beneficiaries or beneficiaries; iii) performance evaluation; iv) entry and exit records; v) management of corporate programs, vi) management of corrective actions; vii) processing and management of care and insurance claims, entities providing health services and pension systems; viii) evaluations of entry, exit and periodic health checks; ix) management of training and recreational activities; x) administration of applications to other positions; xi) internal and external advertising dissemination; xii) consult and report to third parties information related to personal, professional, performance, credit and financial behavior of the employee; xiii) transfer your information to clients or companies or entities that require services in which it is requested to have the personal and professional information of the collaborators; xiv) share your information with business partners, suppliers or companies with which ROKYS GROUP or any of its related companies have a commercial link, and that require to know their data in attention to the work they perform or to supervise the correct operation and management of tools and programs that are provided by said companies, such as, for example, electronic payment terminals ( POS), payment systems, computer systems, telecommunications systems, among others; and, xv) offer and provision of services provided by GRUPO ROKYS and its related companies or by third parties with which it has subscribed programs for the benefit of its employees, in which case this information may be transferred to said third parties, ensuring security and confidentiality of your personal data. For this reason, the authorization for the processing of your personal data is mandatory for the execution of said activities, and in case of refusal, they cannot be carried out. The treatment may be carried out directly by GRUPO ROKYS or any related company or through a third agent identified by GRUPO ROKYS or any related company in accordance with the terms and purposes of this consent. In any case, GRUPO ROKYS and its related companies guarantee the security and confidentiality of the processing of your personal data. In any case, you have the power to revoke or exercise any of the rights enshrined in Law No. 29733.


The personal data provided will be kept as long as its cancellation is not requested by the owner of the data.


On the occasion of the continuous improvement of our processes, the ROKYS GROUP may make modifications and corrections to this Privacy Policy, to which you accept. Check these terms periodically to see the changes that may have existed.


De conformidad con la Ley 29733 “Ley de Protección de Datos Personales”, y su Reglamento DS 003-2013-JUS, declaro que soy titular de los datos expresados en el presente documento y brindo mi consentimiento a Hotel Limaq, para el tratamiento de mis datos personales. Asimismo, conozco que mis datos serán almacenados con estricta confidencialidad en la base de datos de Hotel Limaq y que puede ejercer los derechos de información, acceso, actualización, inclusión, rectificación, supresión y oposición sobre mis datos personales, enviando una comunicación al correo electrónico: